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Christmas Gifts and New Year Wishes

Happy Holidays from the Sports Brothers! We hope that you got what you wanted, as well as did a little giving back. For our final column of 2010, we’d like to give gifts to individuals in the sports world. Yea we’re a little late, but don’t blame us. Blame it on your mail carrier! Let’s begin.

For Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross- $12 million dollars. Exactly the amount of money Bill Parcells stole from the Dolphins. He leaves a franchise in disarray and probably in worst shape than when he got it 3 years ago. His contract allowed him to leave at any time, and get his full amount of money.

For Dolphins Coach Tony Sparano- The classified section from The Miami Times. If (or when) the team loses to New England Patriots this coming Sunday, Tony will need it to find another gig.

For Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning- an express ticket to a retirement home in Arizona. Not all of the Dolphins offensive woes can be placed on his shoulders, but he should take a lot of blame for inconsistency  and bad play calling. Happy retirement Dan. After this season the only thing you will be calling are the numbers from a Bingo game at the senior home.

For Randy Shannon- A second chance with another program. There’s no doubt that Shannon is a motivator, father figure, and great mentor to young men. Unfortunately in the business of college football, you can be all of those things but if you don’t win you’ll be out of a job. At Shannon’s next stop, let’s hope he has assistants and players that won’t let him down. Oh and an administration without an itchy trigger finger.

For new UM coach Al Golden- the off the field success of Randy Shannon, but the on the field success of Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, and Howard Schnellenberger.

For Chad Henne- Confidence, consistency, and the Soul Train DVD set, to give him some “soul”. The man is too stiff in the pocket.

For Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh- Plenty of rings.

For Donavan McNabb- a pair of balls. You’ve gotten benched in Philly. You got traded from Philly. You’ve gotten called out in Washington for not being in shape or knowing the playbook. They gave you a bogus contract supposedly worth $78 million, but in reality you will only get $3 million when they cut you after the season. Finally you get benched for Rex Grossman and you’re demoted to 3rd string. Yet in all of those moves, you remain professional and calm. BLEEP THAT!! Please go off on a mf’er. It’s time you show your behind! McNabb is respected and loved in many circles, so going off one time won’t ruin your rep. But come on man! Say something and stop taking the mental whippings.

For Tiger Woods- Your first win of 2011

Finally for our Miami Times readers-  we will continue to give you the best that we can on a weekly basis. Thanks for reading our column and listening to our show. Happy New Year!


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