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The folks of South Florida are sending prayers up like crazy since this story broke early Monday morning. As a resident of Miami, I will say that the possibility sounds great. The hottest ticket in town will be a Heat ticket no doubt. South Beach will be crazy.

There will be more breaking news on this story as it develops. We’ll keep you updated as much as possible.

But can it happen? Stay tuned….



How is it that Twitter is always getting hacked?? Well, it’s not always getting hacked in some cases where it has to do with athletes and artist.

But in this case of Mo Williams, point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, I think it was.

I will admit I ROTFLMAO when I read this. Could this be the work of a hacker, or a last ditch effort for Mo to stay in Cleveland with…Lebron?


This Laker team couldn’t be filled with more characters. Well maybe they could be. But as my cohost said on todays show, Ron Artest has out Rodman, Rodman.

Laker nation celebrated the teams back to back championship, Kobe’s 2nd MVP and the franchises 16th trophy. Kobe grabbed the girls and did his post game conference. Derek Fisher cried. So did Pau Gasol. But no celebration topped the list of things Ron Artest did, or probably will do. Let’s start with as the horn blew to seal the deal..

1. In his post game interview (if you call it that) with Doris Burke of ESPN/ABC he went off with thank yous and the ever so timely album plug.

2. Then there was the post game press conference

3. Then he takes the party to the club, in true hood fashion and continues to celebrate, as well as visits Power 106 radio station morning show to rap!

Click Here

As a a person pulling for Boston, I was hating him during game 7. But I do like him for his carefree attitude and real negro ways.

Congrats Ron.


I saw the “breaking news but developing story” headlines last night on Twitter about a brawl involving Vince Young. First of all, it’s not a brawl. It’s an attempted fight between VY and another guy. Due to the number of people in the room at the time that were trying to break it up, I guess the media decided that it would be deemed a brawl.

Secondly, if you look at the entire video, which they are not showing on tv because of the length, it’s obvious that VY was egged on and frustrated by what looks like an employee of the club.

I’m not supportive of athletes making dumb decision, like assaulting young women in bathrooms. I’m not supportive of athletes living their life sheltered, not going out or having a good time.

But with the strides that VY made this last season, I would hope that he could have held his composure a little more instead of trying to fight a guy. Here’s the video in full length.


Now this is how a basketball wife is supposed to put it down.

LaLa Vazquez pulled out all the tricks in the bag to bring in Carmelo Anthony ’s 26th birthday bash with a bang at a spot called Phillipe in West Hollywood.

Belly dancers, black jack tables, a magician, appetizers and drinks overflowing…the whole nine!

A lot of celebrities were in the place. Check out some of the pics!

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The Human spirit is one that can never be measured, weighed or counted. It’s amazing the length people will go to survive, reach a goal, or make a difference in other peoples lives.

Here’s a story from France, about Phillipe Croizon, a quadruple amputee from France, who plans to swim the English Channel. That’s 22 miles folks. Here’s the story from the New York Daily News.

Philippe Croizon lost all his limbs in 1994, when he was electrocuted while trying to fix a television antenna.  Now, the Frenchman is out to prove that his disability can’t keep him tied to dry land.

Croizon, 42, plans to swim across the English Channel this summer.  His 22-mile route would take him from England to France.

Another story of how the Human Spirit is unbreakable.


Tiki Barber’s estranged soon to be ex-wife Ginny gave birth to the couples twin girls earlier this week, but the former NY Giant running back had to wait outside the delivery room while the pair were brought into the world.

Ginny, who is going through a divorce settlement with Tiki, is obviously still bitter over how Tiki is treating her and the kids. If you remember, Tiki left his then 8 month pregnant wife for the younger Traci Lynne Johnson, an former colleague of his at NBC. Ginny and Tiki are still in negotiations over money and custody of the couples kids, four including sons AJ and Chason.

How is that a guy like Tiki, who exemplified such high character and morals on the field, could be such an insensitive ass off the field? I’m trying real hard not to judge. I know that marriage, no matter how beautiful the couple may look from the outside, will have it’s difficulties. But Tiki is not making himself look any better by the way he makes his decisions off the field. Let’s hope for the best for the kids in this matter.

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